138 Radio Avenue
Miller Place, NY 11764

Achieving our ultimate potential—in all areas of life—
is the most basic and unwavering objective of education. Of course, this can’t be achieved exclusively through a classroom setting as a child’s home is truly where the heart is. However, a comprehensive and multifaceted early education is instrumental to the process, as who we become is most certainly influenced by how we began.

The Step by Step School of Miller Place, providing pre-school, kindergarten and summer programs, is acutely aware of the components fundamental to fostering the healthy development of the child and student, as well as a successful future in primary school and beyond. As a result our diverse, certified, and public school approved curriculum not only defers to the traditional tenets of early schooling, but also focuses on areas germane to the Montessori Method of education.

Step by Step is a living, breathing place where young minds blossom. We encourage parents and prospective students to visit our campus or call 631-821-0474 to arrange for a personalized tour and observation. For after-hours, please call 631-331-1389.

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